The importance of video in online marketing

Vision is by far the most powerful of all our senses. It has been suggested by some psychologists that we remember at least 75% – 90% of what we see. For this reason alone, the use of images and video in online marketing campaigns is absolutely essential.

You want and need your target market to spend longer on your website, remember your services, products or information and then share your video with their friends and contacts. In doing so, they will be rapidly raising your profile and visibility to a far wider audience in a way that many other marketing strategies can struggle to achieve. This enhanced visibility will translate into a significant increase in your company’s turnover.

Video content is visual, engaging, easily absorbed, and now comprises around 70% of all consumer internet traffic. YouTube receives more than 1 billion visitors each month and, in the UK alone, more than 20 million people watch and share online video clips each week. That’s an incredible amount of people. Can your business really afford to ignore this vital form of marketing?

We pride ourselves on video production Leamington Spa.

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